Online Counselling Agreement 

This is the agreement that details the terms of service for all Online Counselling with My Feelings Counselling. By making a payment for counselling and requesting counselling with My Feelings Counselling, you are agreeing to these terms of Service.

Before the counselling

It’s important to schedule a convenient time for both parties (especially when there’s a time zone differences). The counselling time set up is especially for you, so please mind these simple guidelines:

  •  Find a private and quite room to be in for the duration of the session. Please don’t leave the room

  • Before the session starts make sure you take care of things that can disturb you while in session (mobile is off, phone ringing, door knocking, work documents Etc). 

  • You are welcome to bring some tissues and something to drink.  

  • The session is private and there for no one is allowed to be present in the room beside yourself. Also no recording allowed without a written consent from My Feelings Counselling. 

  • Please mind your appearance (don’t show up with your pyjamas or not fully dressed)

Immediate Crisis:

Online Counselling is not suitable for clients who are in immediate crisis (for example suicide or danger of harm to self or others). Any clients that are in this situation are referred to the emergency page on our site for agencies that can provide immediate assistance. If safety is an issue, your My Feelings counsellor will

try to help you identify local help, however the responsibility to follow through on this help rests with you, the client.

My Feelings Counselling takes no responsibility for your personal safety or the safety of others. Please note that in this situation all correspondence will still be confined to the My Feelings Counselling website only. No personal phone calls or face to face meetings will be provided.


Online Counselling sessions last for 1 hour, with the time commencing at the start of the agreed counselling time. If a client is late for the online session, then this will reduce their actual counselling time. It is recommended that counselling time is booked in advance as soon as payment is made as there is No Refund if a time slot you want is not available. Every effort is made to accommodate a client’s time request, but due to time-zones and other time constraints, on-line sessions are only confirmed after payment has been made and cleared with our bank.

If a client fails to attend a pre-booked online session then payment of one Online Credit is due.

If a client wishes to change an online session time then 24hrs notice prior to the start time of the session is required, otherwise an Online Credit is charged and a further online credit is required for the new session date/time.


Counselling sessions are to be paid in advance by purchasing ‘PAYPAL’ with one credit paying for one session. Online Credits are valid for 2 months (60 days) from the date of purchase after which time they expire.

No Refund is available. 

Should there be a technical fault of any nature during an online counselling session an Online credit will still be charged for that session and the client can apply for a reduced fee for their next online session. The reduction of the fee (and the value of the reduction) for the next session is at the discretion of My Feelings Counselling.



My Feelings Counselling takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any technical issue or virus/spyware issue whatsoever that is associated directly or indirectly with any online counselling session. My Feelings Counselling undertakes to reduce the risk of any virus/spyware threat as much as possible but responsibility for the security of your system and software is the clients alone.

Every effort is made to ensure the security and confidentiality of any correspondence or interaction with online counselling, however, My Feelings Counselling accepts no liability or responsibility for any breach of confidentiality or security of information, however caused, directly or indirectly linked to any correspondence with My Feelings Counselling.

Due to the nature of online counselling My Feelings Counselling accepts no liability or responsibility for the personal safety of online clients or the safety of others. No specific outcome is implied or promised. This style of communication is not seen as a substitute for face to face counselling but a compliment to it, or as a separate

experience altogether.


Whereas every effort is taken to ensure the confidentiality and security of all information during an online counselling session, this cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of this type of communication. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the privacy of their communication on their communication device and to ensure

that all passwords and methods of recognition are kept secret. My Feelings Counselling will not share the details of any correspondence between you and the counsellor with any other party without your prior knowledge, except when legally or ethically obliged to do so. When any reference to the contents of your counselling session is made with a counselling supervisor, your anonymity is maintained.

Ethics and Complaints:

My Feelings Counselling is bound by the code of ethics as set out by the Aotearoa Australians New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA). Should you have a complaint about our service please address the complaint in writing to My Feelings 

If the issue cannot be resolved, then you are entitled to submit a complaint to AANZPA. Their details can be found at , or to PACFA. Their details can be found at My Feelings Counselling is governed by  Australian law.

Before the online session we will send you a copy to sign.