Counselling with Therapeutic Cards  Workshops

Embracing New Methods to Work in Your Clinic

Visual Tools for a Wide Range of Mental Health Issues

Our workshops offer you the chance to enhance

your creative therapy tools and better engage with

a broader range of clients, in individual sessions,

family therapy as well as group settings.

Throughout the duration of the workshops, we

will introduce you to the varied types of

therapeutic cards and work with you on the

multiple ways the cards can be used to tackle

a diverse range of your client's issues.  


The Cards

  • Visual metaphoric tools that aid in life span development. 

  • A catalyst that provides a great opportunity for individuals to experiment with, share and express the unsayable hurt or shameful experience that they have gone through in life.

  • A bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind which then connects individuals in their journey towards wholeness.


Workshops objectives:

  • Exploring possibilities of strengthening relationships.​

  • Creating conversational pathways to work towards addressing issues like: 

    • ​Depression
    • Stress & Anxiety
    • Addictions
    • Decision making
    • Separation
    • Relationships
    • Dealing with death
    • Family dynamics
    • Trauma
    • Disability
  • Increase awareness and understanding of life events, behavioural patterns and the influence of the past on the present.


Why use creative methods in the counselling room?

When clients are referred for therapy, they typically feel anxious and are reluctant to talk directly about their feelings or thoughts, this can occur with children or adults. Sometimes the issue is so painful, they cannot find the right words or description. However, the cards offer visual tools and activities that are creative and play-based which can engage with clients so they can safely express themselves.


Workshop audience:  

Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychodramatists, Therapists, Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors & Kinesiologists.


 Training methods will include:

  • Experiential presentation of methods

  • Large group discussions

  • Small group discussions

  • Practical experience with the cards

  • Reflection opportunities for application of methods


To maintain high-quality delivery and personal relationship at our workshops,

each workshop limited to 21 people. Registration is essential.   


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6 PD hours per day endorsed by PACFA 

What others are saying: 

  • I used the cards with a person coming to me for Psychotherapy. Previously, he had trouble talking about his feelings. Amazing how useful it was. He was able to identify some major issues and dynamics going on in his life that he had not seen through solely talk therapy method. Thank you so much for transforming my practice! Gavi A.

  • The Metaphoric cards have become part of my kinesiology practice, I find them very helpful. Deborah J.

  • Fantastic workshop.  Will recommend it to others. Katie W.

  • Very interesting and enjoyable workshop. Lots to go away and think about, practice and implement.Catherine M.


We are proud to say..

100% of our participants in the last  7 years would definitely recommend these workshops to others.

97% of our participants found the workshops very helpful in their work with clients.