The World of Trains

 “The World of Trains” set is a rich and useful resource which contains

A deck of 50 Illustrated Cards,

A deck of 50 Story Cards

A comprehensive guidebook for therapists.


Three professional tools in one kit!

The set is a psychological tool designed for facilitating, enriching, and supporting therapeutic work with children in settings of individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.


The set is a therapeutic resource designed to answer the specific needs of children and their therapists.

Among other issues relevant to children´s lives; “The World of Trains” set is a very useful tool for working therapeutically with issues related to groups and relationships.


Author: Gali Salpeter

Trains-deck of projective cards and cont
Trains-Guidebook and box of decks.Open.j
Trains-Guidebook & Box of the two decks.