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We believe that each child is unique and special and experiences the world differently. Many children and teens do not feel they fit into the “box” that has been established and thus become very frustrated.

We have the ability to help children and teens feel comfortable in expressing themselves in a way that is authentic to them. They feel safe and can open up to the best aspects of who they are.

We can help your children and teens deal with the challenges they face such as anxiety, social anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, fears, body image, relationships, family issues and more, and help them feel better about who they are and what they want.

Our main priority is to create a setting where your child feels comfortable, understood and free to express himself.  We use different methods to tailor to your child's needs. We don't use the "ONE SIZE FOR ALL" method. 


Making the Most from Children’s Therapy

What to expect in children’s therapy?

Before our first meeting, we will send you the following documents:

1.       An intake form to fill in and email to us.

2.       Terms & conditions form, which legally needs to be signed before our first session.

3.       How to find us.

A therapy session typically lasts 50 minutes, and for better progress, we recommend doing it weekly. Later, we can extend it to fortnightly or monthly until your child and you have gained the tools to continue without our sessions.

Working with your child will be tailored by their needs and age, however here are some guidelines:

1.       At the first session we'll be going through the intake forms with both parents/ legal guardians of the child for 1.5 hours without the child.

2.       We believe in the holistic approach which means both the parents and the therapist need to work together to support your child, therefore, parental guidance is a compulsory part of the process.

3.       After 8-10 sessions with your child, we will have our first parental guidance for 1.5 hours, without your child.  We will share with you our insights and recommendations, so you can start supporting your child in the right way for them towards progress.

4.       The next parental guidance session will be after the next 4 sessions with the child, or by your needs. We will be in touch with you to discuss what suits your family's needs.

5.       View therapy as a collaboration, this means telling and sharing with the therapist everything that happens in your house, with your child, your relationships, in their school with their peers etc.

6.       Mentioning seemingly unrelated points also can be helpful.

7.       Being a ‘good client’ doesn’t mean being on your very best behaviour, it means being the most authentic, unfiltered version of yourself.

8.       Don’t fear judgment or appearing impolite. Instead, say whatever you want, because doing so is what really leads to progress and change.  


 Looking forward to meeting you and your child.



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