Embracing New Methods to Work in Therapy

Visual Tools for a Wide Range of Mental Health Issues


Whether you’re a highly skilled therapist, or a novice - in the therapy room, we can all feel stuck or overwhelmed at times.

I felt the same until I discovered a wonderful therapeutic tool – illustrated projective cards - a method filled with imagination and creativity that promotes very precise and focused results. 

The cards developed especially for therapeutic work to help stimulate creativity, imagination and increase communication between the therapist and his clients in individual sessions, family therapy or group sessions.


A sneak peek simulation to one of the cards

Benefits of our workshop:

  • Gain practical skills for guiding clients to lasting, life-changing insights

  • Increase your own mindfulness and improve your self-awareness and self-efficacy as a therapist 

  • Earn 12 CPD hours in a relaxed, immersive learning atmosphere

  • Reconceptualise treatment resistance and develop ways to help clients engage more fully with positive therapeutic interventions 

  • Expand your professional network and meet new colleagues

  • Engage in a highly practical, hands-on workshop format that allows you to fully immerse in a new experiential environment  

Psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, Psychodramatists, Therapist, Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors and others can benefit from using the cards. 


Workshop Schedule 

We are running workshops all year round around Australia and overseas, as well as online workshops.

  • Click HERE for workshops around Australia

  • Click HERE for workshops around Northern Ireland

  • Click HERE for workshops around Singapore

  • Click HERE for workshops around Israel

We always looking for new places to run our workshops. We can provide in-house workshops tailored to any mental health area (minimum 10+ participants).

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