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 History of Psychodrama

Psychodrama is based on the philosophy and methods conceived by psychiatrist Dr Jacob Moreno (1889-1974). It grew out of his experiments in Vienna in the 1920's with the theatre of spontaneity, a form of improvisational theatre. Moving to the USA in 1925 he continued to combine this with his interest in social science, exploring the possibilities of treating clients using group psychotherapy.

Though somewhat younger, Moreno was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud, and like Freud he developed techniques to get below the surface of ordinary life to help people heal. Yet where Freud used the couch, Moreno used the stage, and instead of sitting passively he was an active participant on this stage.

Moreno developed several techniques related to psychodrama, including Sociodrama, sociometry, role theory and group psychotherapy, all of which are studied within the QTIP program.
Psychodrama is being actively used and taught throughout the world. In places such as UK, North and South America, Canada, the European Union, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Japan. 
Moreno in action in this video
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