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  • "Thank you so much. I feel I am so much calmer and have a better understanding of me. Loved all of the different methods: art, Psychodrama. Learnt not to be afraid of my anger. Thank you Noa."  M.V

  • "Want to say a BIG thank you for finally going into place where I was afraid to go to and for addressing my main issue: communication." N.A

  • "I want to say thank you for the couple therapy you gave us. We really loved the methods you used, which helped us to listen to each other and see things differently. We loved how in just a few sessions you could pin point our issues, and to help us to have better communication. "  R.M
  • "Today was the first time in my life I have had a session via Skype. I have to say this was an amazing experience, there was something very comforting and secure being able to talk from my own room. It had allowed me to be more open and honest which normally would take me a bit longer. I am at the start of a long process but can already feel the change and relief! Thank you very much Noa for giving me the space to express myself honestly and letting me see things in different perspective."  L.G
  • "There are wonderful people who give from their hearts in a thoughtful and unselfish ways, so willing to share, help out, or be there, no matter how busy their days. I would not be where I am now without your help, support and guidance. You have made such a wonderful impact on my life." L. S
  • "There are people we count on, whose wisdom and caring help everything work out just right - wonderful people who shine in our lives with their gentle and beautiful light. Thank you so much for your help along my tough times." Y.A
  • "If only you could hear the prayers that fill each thought of you, and the smiles that warm each memory of the generous things you do, you'd know you're treasured more than words can say.  I will never forget you. Thanks you" P.W
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