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The World of Train Set

The World of Trains set is a therapeutic tool designed for working with children in settings of Individual Therapy and Group Therapy. The set includes a deck of Illustrated Cards, a deck of Story Cards and a Guidebook. The cards portray images and stories of carriages in an imaginary World of Trains.

The World of Trains and its railways, engines, passengers, and carriages invites therapists and clients alike to a rich, metaphorical arena. It encourages clients to raise, share, and work with troubling issues via images and stories of an imagined world. The child can thus face his/her challenges alongside an illustrated train carriage, deal with social difficulties faced by the carriages composing a train, and experiment with new routes and behaviours by way of stories of carriages and engines.

We, as therapists, sometimes stand by the side of the railway and watch warmly as our clients proceed along the tracks. Then, there are times when we climb into the carriages with them, trying to see their walls and feel their floor as similarly as possible to the way our clients do.

One session after the other, we reach for the goods that they carry in their carriages and get to know them better. Together, we sort out the supplies they will need for the ride from the heavy load that slows them down.

For us therapists, the set is a wonderful opportunity to explore different environments with our clients and journey into the familiar and the intriguing.

To learn how to use these cards and others, please join one of our online workshops 

Written by Gali Salpeter - Story & Therapy

Expressive Therapist. Spec. Drama and NarrativeTherapy (M.A.)(NFKUT)(I.C.E.T)

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