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Canadian artist Andrée Pouliot has created our newest deck of cards: 55 exquisite paintings in card-format depict the wondrous and mythical world of the Orient. 1001 rekindles the ancient art of story-telling in us. Every card is a filigree doorway opening into a roomful of associations. Every image is a magic carpet carrying us once again to that moonlit chamber where a king´s fearful heart was gently overpowered by a woman as brave and wise as she was beautiful. With the spinning of 1001 fabulous tales to fill as many sleepless nights Scheherezade preserved her life for one more day – and the story-filled night that followed it. With 1001 we too can be inventers of tales in which all and everything is possible and no story gets told twice. With every shuffle of the deck the possibilities renew themselves: imagination takes wings! 1001 is a companion deck to SAGA and MYTHOS and can also be used in combination with them. Author: Andrée Pouliot


  • 55 Picture Cards for Discovering a-thousand-and-one Stories

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