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At Serenity Bliss Bali Retreat we are empowering women through Art Therapy, Group Therapy, & Yoga. Join us for 8 days of reflection, nurture and growth 
26th August until 2nd of September 2024



only the first 5 spots!

Unwind in the company of like-minded women, fostering connections that go beyond the surface.

Step into a transformative journey where self-discovery meets creativity at our women's retreat.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of art therapy, the spontaneity of group work, and rejuvenating yoga sessions designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Our retreat is a sanctuary for self-reflection, self-exploration, and expression,  where the canvas becomes a mirror to your innermost thoughts, the group work provides supportive poles, and the yoga mat is a sacred space for holistic healing.

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What are the benefits of joining the Serenity Bliss Retreat?

Join us in this empowering experience, where the brushstrokes of self-discovery paint a vibrant tapestry of strength, resilience, and renewed vitality.


Embrace the synergy of art, community, and mindfulness as you embark on a journey towards healingchanging habits,  balance, and empowerment.

Participation in all the group sessions is compulsory.


Who is this for? 

Who is this unique retreat for? 

If you want to better understand yourself and your thought patterns. through thoughtful discussions, guided exercises, and introspective activities​

If you're looking to discover why you are behaving in a certain way that doesn't serve you anymore. 

If you want to change old habits .

If you're looking for a safe space to express your thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of judgment

Connect with yourself through the beauty of Balinese nature. 

Learn more about yourself through methods other than talking.

Explore roles you play in your life that will help you make a real difference. ​

If you're keen to learn practical skills to navigate life's challenges more effectively.

Who is this unique retreat NOT for? 

If you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone.

If you are unwilling to work diligently to let go of unhealthy behaviours.

if you're not willing to work in a group setting.

If you are unable to climb stairs.

If you’d like more information about our program, get in touch today.



Bali Eco Stay is situated on the southern slopes of Mt Batukaru in the central Bali mountains, about 90-minute drive from Ubud and two and half hours from Denpasar airport.


During our Serenity Bliss retreat, you will be staying at Bali Eco Stay, an intimate boutique resort with 8 uniquely designed Balinese bungalows nestled over five acres of captivating Balinese Jungle and rice fields.


The resort is a fully isolated oasis of peace. You will bathe in the sounds of the waterfall as it flows outside of your rice water bungalow, take refuge in the rhythmic symphony of jungle insects, and feel the light breeze as it passes by and sways the coconut trees. 


There are plenty of enchanting spaces where you can sneak away on your break, walk through the rice paddies and the fruit forest, sit by the waterfalls, or swim in the creek that winds through the property.


You will be sleeping in beautiful open Bali-style bungalows. All beds are fitted with mosquito nets. This a great opportunity to connect to nature on a whole different level. 

Where do I fly into & how do I reach Bali Ecostay?

Denpasare International Airport.

To organise your pickup- please contact Ecostay directly, or you can find your own transportation. One-way transfer by private car is about $50.


Depending on flight arrival times, you might like to consider arriving on the day before (ie. on the 25th) at your own expense.

There are plenty of good options in all price categories.

It takes about 2.5 hours from Denpasar Airport or 90 minutes from Ubud.


Check-in at Bali Eco Stay is from 2pm; the retreat starts around 4.30pm.